Highest Rated Mid-Range DJ Controllers 2019

Top 6 Mid-Range DJ Controllers

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 Professional | 4-Channel Controller (Serato)

Enhanced vocal effects
Jog Wheels with "Hot Cue Countdown"
Mutli-function touchstrip
16 RGB color triggering pads for triggering hot cues, loops, or samples
Basically an exact upgraded version of the SR2
Includes Serato Flip and Pitch 'n Time
Some units have issues with the play button

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Portable | 2-Channel Controller (Serato)

Lightweight with handles for that easy on-the-go life.
Can connect to turntables or multiplayers with line and phono inputs
XLR outputs to connect to professional PA system
16 RGB color triggering pads for triggering hot cues, loops, or samples
Pitch 'N Time plugin Included
Key shift and key sync included
Mutli-function touchstrip
Small pitch fader

Numark NVII | 4-Channel Controller (Serato)

Dual-Screen that has everything you need(Can keep laptop out of sight)
Very touch sensitive jog-wheels
Long pitch-fader
Can have up to 6 effects at once
Touch-sensitive filters and effects
Buttons/Knobs close together
Jog-wheels are smaller
Doesn't work with amd processor

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 | 4-Channel Controller (Traktor)

Large motorized jog-wheels
LED around jog-wheel
High-res displays
Mic input improvements
Light and mobile
Good for scratching
Some issues with the software

Numark NS6II | 4-Channel Premium Controller (Serato)

High-Res jog-wheel display
Touch-sensitive filters and effects
16 High performing pads
Good spacing between buttons/FX
On the heavier side
Isn't compatible with older windows systems ( < Windows 10)

Denon DJ A- B Box (MC6000 MK2) | 4-Channel Controller (Serato)

Smaller/More compact
Switch for audio/video in Serato
Mic Ducking
Can be used for Mobile DJ'ing
All necessary outputs for professional setting
Smaller jog-wheels
Serato not included

Honorable Mention

Reloop Mixon 4 | 4-Channel Hybrid Controller (Serato)

Supports all platforms and iPad
Good for home DJ's
Difference performance modes, including Pitch Play
Easily switch between laptop and phone DJing
Not "professional" quality compared to similar priced controllers
No hardware mixer

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