Highest Rated Affordable DJ Controllers 2022

Top 10 Affordable DJ Controllers

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 2-Channel Controller (Serato)

Separated auto loop section
Pad scratch while playing
Great jog-wheels
16 pads that are very responsive
High quality materials
Small pitch fader

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 2-Channel Controller (Traktor)

Jog mode (good for spin-to-nudge function/scratching)
Beat grid adjust mode: Use the jog wheel to manually adjust beat grid in Traktor
Easy set-up with Traktor
Comes with Traktor PRO (My personal favorite)
16 RGB pads for triggering Hot cues, loops, or samples
Amazing jog-wheels that come with feedback to detect beatgrids and cuepoints
Cooler look (Opinion)
Better sound card for great live performances
A little on the heavier side
Controls are tightly together
Small pitch fader

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX 2-Channel Controller (Serato)

Jog-Wheels with built-in LCDs
4 FX buttons
Large pitch fader
Mutli-function touchstrip
Known issues with the sound card

Numark Mixtrack 3 2-Channel Controller (Virtual DJ)

large pitch fader
Multi-function touchstrip
Prime Loops remix tool kit and Virtual DJ
2 usb connections required
Need to purchase an additional sound card

Hercules DJControl Jogvision 2-Channel Controller (Serato)

In-jog LED displays
Scratch with the DJ Control Jog vision
Great jog-wheels
Air Control filter manipulation
Visually appealing, and useful for DJing in the dark
External power supply
Strange design, takes getting used to
Cheaper feel
Drivers need to be installed separately
Small pitch faders

American Audio Vms2 2-Channel Controller (Virtual DJ)

Compact/Easy to pack-up for on-the-go
VirtualDJ license key
2X Midi Log (Midi Or Analog) Inputs Such As Turntables And Or Cd Players
1 Mic With Gain And Front Tone Control, Cross fader Curve Adjustment, Balanced Xlr Outs
Bulky and on the heavier side
Buttons have a cheaper feel to them
No filter effects

Honorable Mention

Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4-K DJ Controller 2-Channel Controller (Rekordbox)

Can be used on iPad/iPhone devices (WeDJ), android devides (djay 2), and with Mac/Windows computer as well.
iPad holder for on-the-go DJing
Very easy to connect
Rekordbox dj license key
Different color options
Still great for live performances despite it's phone capabilities
Can't use Serato
Loose/small pitch faders
No advanced FX/loop features